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Join us in the fight to preserve the planet for future generations. Bringing your scrap to us will keep metal out of the landfill, while putting money in your pocket.

Reserves of copper are still sizeable, but will not be able to sustain present rates of demand. Therefore, it is even more important than ever, that not one pound of copper in circulation be wasted in a landfill.

While the company is still very young, its owner has been in the scrap Industry for over 25 years. Since its beginning, Scrapwire and Cable has earned a reputation as an innovator and pioneer in the industry. Our customer base has grown from a couple of electricians in Frederick to servicing the entire Tri-State area. We will continue to saturate the Tri-State area, with a goal of expanding to the entire Northeast area of the United States. In doing so, we hope to leave a positive footprint on the industry as well as the environment. While striving to reach the top, what is important to us is the legacy we leave behind.

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Want to do your part helping out the environment? It is estimated that about 80% of the copper humanity ever produced is still in use!


For your convenience Scrapwire and Cable’s drop off location hours are; Monday through Friday from 8AM till 6PM and Saturdays 8am till 1:00PM.


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